Bees and building wax

Wax construction : Bees are beneficial insects that produce many useful substances, including honey and wax, and wax is a natural material produced by the bee family to which honey bees belong (scientific name: Apis mellifera), it is secreted from four pairs of special glands located under the belly of the workers, each of which …

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Tiger Hunter

Tiger Hunter

Introducing the Tiger Hunter : The Hunter Tiger, cheetah, or cheetah (scientific name: Acinonyx jubatus), is the fastest animal on the planet that can cover vast distances, this species of animal lives in the wilds, characterized by its appearance and dotted shape, and the males of the Hunter Tiger are often more significant than the …

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Bear qualities

Physical qualities of a bear : Bears are a small group of large mammals that live in different places of the world, such as forests, mountains, hills, deserts, and grassy areas, and it should be noted that despite the difference in the types of bears, they are similar among themselves in the qualities that they …

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How to breed hamsters

How to breed hamsters

Hamsters : The hamster is a small-sized rodent, its body is covered with long and dense fur, the color of which varies depending on its species, ranging from grayish-brown to red-brown, and its lower parts are white or gray-black hues, small furry ears characterize the hamster, an inner cheek pouch, it has a solid body, …

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the Heron

The animal of the Heron

The animal of the Heron : Heron is the famous name for birds belonging to the family of cichlids, which are birds characterized by flying with their neck folded between their shoulders, their soft drooping feathers, and also characterized by the way they eat; the Heron eats alone after chasing its prey and stabbing it …

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The best kind of dogs

The best types of dogs for breeding at home : Dogs are domestic animals, some are suitable for the nature of life in cities, and others are suitable for the nature of life in villages and suburbs, and the following is a list of the best types of domestic dogs: Labrador retriever : The Labrador …

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