the Heron

The animal of the Heron

The animal of the Heron : Heron is the famous name for birds belonging to the family of cichlids, which are birds characterized by flying with their neck folded between their shoulders, their soft drooping feathers, and also characterized by the way they eat; the Heron eats alone after chasing its prey and stabbing it …

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Qualities of a stork

Qualities of a stork : Storks are characterized by their long legs, their long neck, and their beak is long, and the colors of the stork’s feathers vary depending on its type, as some species have a string bag that is a large flap of skin on the neck, these birds grow to become very …

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Where does the ostrich live

The original habitat of the ostrich : Ostriches can be found on farms all over the world, however, their native habitat is in the Savannah (extended vegetation under dry and hot conditions), the largest savannah areas are found in Africa, South America, Australia, India, Burma, Thailand, Madagascar and the forests of Africa. Ostriches sometimes gather …

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What is a shrike

The Shrike bird : The Shrike Bird is one of the species of birds that follow the rank of perches or Sparrows, and is classified from predators that hunt their prey as a meat hook bird, this Shrike has many species, each of which has features and places of spread that differ from the other. …

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