Do you know about animals?

5 curious facts about wild animals :

Here are the strangest facts and general information related to wild animals:

  • African bush elephants are the largest land mammals on Earth, and the Asian elephant is smaller than African bush elephants and has smaller and less pronounced ears compared to African elephants.
  • The elephant’s proboscis contains approximately 40,000 muscles, and its fangs grow only once, and it is indicated that elephants spend most of their time during the day eating, where they eat for 16 hours a day, and feed only on plants, so they are classified as herbivores.
  • The reindeer belongs to the deer family, the males of this animal are distinguished by their voices, which are considered louder than the females, the male has a small sac under the skin of the throat that he inflates to make a loud sound.
  • New reindeer antlers grow every year, females get rid of their antlers in the spring when they give birth, and some reindeer species have hooves to search for food through the snow to find lichen and Moss, and in the warm months, they feed on herbs, mushrooms, and plants.
  • Sloths are very slow organisms, as algae grow on their fur, which makes them look green and this acts as a camouflage for them, and it is indicated that sloths see better at night than during the day and their hearing is weak, as they rely on their sense of smell to identify food.

5 curious facts about pets :

Here are the most interesting facts about pets:

  1. The cat has 32 muscles in each ear, and it has 4 rows of hair, and it is noteworthy that cats do not have a collarbone, which makes them very flexible, and they spend 30% of their waking hours cleaning themselves.
  2. Dogs sweat from their paws to stay cool and keep their body cool by panting, and each dog also has a unique nasal fingerprint that differs from others, and the dog’s sense of smell is a thousand times stronger than the human sense of smell.
  3. There are more than 350 different breeds of dogs spread all over the world, and the dog was one of the first animals tamed by Man 10 thousand years ago.
  4. A hen with a red earlobe produces brown eggs, while a hen with a white earlobe produces white eggs.
  5. Hamsters blink with one eye every time they blink, and iguanas can hold their breath for up to30 a minutes.

5 curious facts about marine animals :

Did you know about marine animals the following strangest facts:

  1. Jellyfish consist of at least 95% water, and most species of jellyfish do not have a circulatory system, a respiratory system, or a brain, have a primitive digestive system and a simple nervous system, and get oxygen from the water through the skin.
  2. The seahorse is a strange creature, as it does not have a stomach nor any kind of teeth, when it eats food it passes through the digestive tract very quickly, which means that it needs to eat a lot to get the necessary nutrients.
  3. The dolphin has a brain that sleeps only half at a time, and when this half is asleep, the second half is busy reminding the dolphin to climb to the surface for air, and one eye is sleeping and the other remains open watching the danger for the half of the brain that is awake.
  4. The kidneys of sea turtles cannot metabolize the salt they swallow, so they have special glands that secrete salt, and these glands are located in the cavity that contains the eye, which makes the turtles always look like they are crying.
  5. The pet goldfish has a good memory, it remembers for about 3 months, and the oldest goldfish lived for almost 43 years.

5 curious facts about birds :

Do you know about birds, the most notable strange facts are the following:

  1. Crows are very smart, they use tools, solve logical puzzles, and also plan their tasks in advance.
  2. Pigeons can distinguish human faces well, and they can also use touch screens, and in a research study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America that pigeons can recognize almost 50 words, and they can also distinguish words and non-words.
  3. The Vulture Vulture carries its food in a strange way since it prefers to catch fresh fish and transport it to a place closer to home before eating it, its strong claws and pads on its feet allow it to do this, but catching a large slippery fish makes it difficult for it to fly.
  4. Hummingbirds have a rapid occurrence of metabolic processes, and their species reach more than 330 species in the Americas, they are distinguished by their short lifespan, which varies between 3-5 years.
  5. The Abu chin Eagle relies on bones for its nutrition, as its diet consists of 70-90% of bones, and it is the only bird in the world that has a diet in this form, according to the World Wildlife Federation, as these birds drop bones from a high surface to break and eat them.

5 curious facts about insects :

Here are the strangest facts about insects:

  1. Beetles are one of the most biodiverse groups of living organisms, with almost 380,000 species to date, including 40% of book insects.
  2. There are about 10 quadrillion ants living on this earth, according to the 1990 book Ants, and this figure is huge, that is, for every human there are 1.4 million ants, considering that the world population is 7.3 billion people.
  3. The meganoropsis insect is considered to be the largest insect is ever known, which lived millions of years ago, having a wingspan of up to 0.8 meters.
  4. Insects breathe through their sides, not through their mouth, and these air holes are located in their exoskeleton and line the chest and abdomen of insects, and they also have a network of tubes similar to the heart and blood vessels called the tracheal system.
  5. The oldest insect fossils date back 400 million years, which means that they appeared almost 170 million years before the dinosaurs.