golden retriever dogs

Advantages and disadvantages of golden retriever dogs

Features of golden retriever dogs :

Golden retriever dogs have been ranked third among the most popular dogs in North America for a long time, due to their good features that outweigh their bad qualities, and the following are the features of golden retriever dogs:

Beautiful appearance :

Golden retriever dogs have a long, shiny golden coat that covers their body, and their bodies range from medium to large in size, they have strong and athletic bodies, as for the eyes of golden retriever dogs, they are golden in color expressing affection, joy and high intelligence, and the coat color of these dogs can range from light golden to dark golden, mahogany or even creamy white.

The nature of personality :

Golden retriever dogs are an example of joy, as their love for life can be seen through everything they do, as their happiness is noticed when they do the smallest activities; such as playing, chewing bones, enjoying food, rolling on the floor, and these dogs do not hold grudges, preferring to receive and give love.

Ease of training :

Golden retriever dogs have a high ability to learn and a high level of obedience, in addition, they do anything to please their owners, which indicates the ease of training these dogs, and it is preferable to train these dogs using rewards such as offering them food when doing any task, and the use of punishment, screaming and aversion should be avoided when training golden retriever dogs.

Behavior with dogs and other animals :

Golden retriever dogs are known for their love for people and other dogs, as these dogs play and coexist with other dogs in a friendly and wonderful way, and they are also dogs that are good at dealing with many other types of animals, as they are dogs with a gentle character and enjoy providing supervision and care to other animals.

Intelligence :

Golden retriever dogs have a high level of intelligence, as Dr. Stanley Koren pointed out that golden retriever dogs are ranked as the fourth smartest breed among other dog breeds, as these dogs can be taught more than 165 command words, and their intelligence level can reach a 2.5-year-old child.

Disadvantages of golden retriever dogs :

Golden retriever dogs have some problems that some can classify as undesirable qualities, and here are some disadvantages of golden retriever dogs:

Hair loss :

When getting a golden retriever dog, you should get used to seeing hair everywhere, as dog hair can be found on floors, furniture, and on clothes, and this hair can reach food and toothbrushes, in addition to flying in the air inside the House.

Dog hygiene :

Golden retriever dogs need a lot of care with their hygiene, as they must be cleaned regularly such as teeth, fur and ears, their nails must be trimmed and bathed regularly, and it is worth mentioning that cleaning tasks can be done at home or taking the dog to specialized people.

Health problems :

Golden retriever dogs can face some health problems such as during their lifetime; such as hip width that makes the dog find it difficult to stand after lying down and difficulty climbing and descending stairs, and these dogs are prone to all the symptoms of aging such as aches, pains, arthritis, and subcutaneous fat lumps that can turn into cancerous lumps.

Security :

Golden retrievers can not be acquired as guard dogs, as these dogs allow everyone to enter the house, and these dogs can bark in the daytime or at night when they hear unusual sounds, and these dogs consider anyone they meet, whether a stranger or a relative, as their best friend, as a result of the way they were raised.

Chaos :

Golden retriever dogs are very messy, as they can carry and scatter shoes, socks, glasses, remote controls, and other collectibles, and they can also damage these things, so it is preferable to keep anything of value away from them and prevent them from accessing it.