How to eliminate dog bugs

How to eliminate dog bugs

Consult a veterinarian :

You should talk to the veterinarian before making any decision about dog bugs, tell him if the family includes small children or pregnant women, ask him about less toxic treatment options, both provided by pet stores and provided by the veterinarian himself, and also be asked about the way in which it is possible to reduce the risks that could harm the family or the pet.

The use of medicated insect shampoo :

The dog can be cleaned of insects by following the following steps:

  • Wash the dog with insect shampoo and rinse thoroughly.
  • Apply the insect handler monthly, after talking with the veterinarian to choose the appropriate remedy as described in the paragraph above, with the help of the product instructions written on the package, and when applying the handler, it is advisable to wait two to three days before washing the dog with insect shampoo, because washing it before that can strip the dog of the natural oils necessary to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Flea comb :

Insects can be removed from the dog’s hair by a fine-toothed insect comb, focusing on the areas to which insects escape, namely:

The face, neck, and the place where the base of the tail meets his body while immersing the comb in soapy water or alcohol solution from time to time to kill the insects he has captured.

Cleaning the surrounding environment :

Getting rid of the insects in the dog is a temporary solution, and the correct one is to eliminate other insects in the bedding, furniture, and carpets as well, which will jump to the dog or crawl to it later; so all these things must be cleaned, in addition to cleaning all that is related to the dog, including hygiene tools and care for it،

The possibility of using a clothes dryer in this process is indicated after turning it on at maximum heat to kill insect eggs, as well as using a vacuum cleaner, being sure to close the waste bag and immediately throw it out of the House.

Other ways to eliminate dog bugs :

Other good ways to eliminate dog bugs are the following:

  • Insect collar: the insect collar for dogs can be used after the veterinarian first makes sure that the type used is safe; since some of them contain harmful and toxic components that can damage the dog’s nervous system.
  • Insect powder: insect powder is characterized by its low cost, ease of Use, and availability at any pet store, but the majority of dog owners prefer remedies and shampoos to insect powder because its use may dry out the dog’s skin.
  • Natural oils: natural oils can be used to eliminate dog insects along with other treatments; by purchasing a special spray with the smell of lavender, eucalyptus, cedar, or lemon, to repel insects naturally.

In addition to that you should also know :

Information about dog breeding :

Provide basic dog supplies :

Dogs can be raised by providing the necessary basic supplies, including a neck collar that identifies the identity of the dog, bowls of food and water, toys for chewing, and a designated place for sleeping should also be provided, in addition to the need to be well prepared for the expenses associated with dog ownership, by creating a special budget and adhering to it.

Maintaining the health of the dog :

Dogs can be raised better at home by maintaining their health, by showing them to a veterinarian, where it is necessary to show dogs, especially puppies, to the veterinarian during the first six months of their life in order to get basic sterilization vaccines, in addition to the role of the main veterinarian in identifying any possible health problems of the dog, and thus taking care of him in a better way.

Provide the right food :

Dogs are affected by the type of food provided to them, and therefore their food should be selected carefully and appropriately, especially those foods intended for them, as the American Association of nutrition officials recommends the need to ensure the data of dog foods, and meet special nutritional requirements, with the need to ensure the provision of fresh and abundant water at all times, and dogs can be fed several times a day according to age by following the following points:

  • Dogs from 6-12 weeks of age need four meals a day.
  • Dogs from 3-6 months old need three meals a day.
  • Dogs from 6-12 months old need two meals a day.

Training a dog to obey commands :

The dog can be trained to obey voice commands in order to improve its behavior, and for this reason, these exercises can be started by making the sessions as short as five minutes, then choosing one command at a time to be taught, then moving on to other commands, where it can be taught words such as “no” or “stop”.

Training the dog not to bite :

The dog must be trained and taught to avoid biting, because dogs, especially small puppies, begin to explore things around them through the mouth, and therefore he will try to bite and chew everything he sees, and for this, he must be told not to bite and give him a special chewing toy, this will help him to associate this behavior with toys instead of fingers, for example.