How to feed newborn kittens

Newborn kittens :

Cats are one of the pets raised by many people at home, due to the beauty of their appearance, and the ease of caring for them, but newborn cats need special care, especially if they lose their mother, and there are many things to consider when taking care of newborn cats, especially with regard to food, and this is what we will introduce you to in this article.

How to feed newborn kittens :

To feed newborn kittens follow the following :

  • Prepare the necessary tools for delivering food to cats, which are as follows: a special nipple for cats, a small bottle for feeding that has a hole at its upper end, where the flow of milk can be controlled by pressing on it, and it is possible to use a syringe to drip milk into the cat’s mouth.
  • Sterilize the instruments before and after using them.
  • Prepare the concentrated milk according to the instructions on the milk carton, while adhering to the written quantities, to avoid exposing the cat to any stomach disorders, taking care to feed her fresh milk, free of preservatives.
  • Place the milk bottle in a bowl of hot water until it is warm, instead of putting it in the microwave, take care to make sure the milk is hot before serving.
  • Be sure to check the cat’s body temperature when feeding, because its rate of digestion of food is directly proportional to its temperature, that is, its rate of digestion of food increases if its temperature is high, and vice versa.
  • Keep her temperature by using a thermal pillow, or by putting a bottle of hot water in a towel, and placing it near her.
  • Put the kitten in a comfortable chair similar to feeding from her mother, where her head is straight, legs down, with a towel on your lap, in order to feed her.
  • Be patient while she is breastfeeding, while allowing her to take enough time in feeding, to avoid her having any digestive problems.
  • Stimulate her to burp, by holding her by the back, and gently rubbing on her stomach, in order to encourage her to urinate or defecate.
  • Use a cotton swab to clean the cat’s anal area.
  • Put the cat back to bed so that she can rest, and take care of regularity by feeding her.
  • Introduce solid food to the kitten’s diet when she becomes four weeks old.

Tips for feeding newborn kittens :

Follow these tips for feeding newborn kittens :

  • Find a nursing mother, and monitor her while breastfeeding the cat, in order to avoid rejecting or killing her, or through the use of nutritional supplement formulations found in animal food markets, which are prepared in the same way as infant formula, in case a lactating one is not found.
  • Try to mask the smell of the new kitten by stroking the mother’s Cubs, and then stroking your kitten, which transmits the smell of the mother’s Cubs to your cat, thereby increasing the chance of its acceptance from the nursing mother.
  • Getting milk or yogurt, as a newborn kitten can digest nothing but milk.
  • Avoid feeding cow’s milk to the cat, as it leads to dehydration and diarrhea.
  • Use boiled water to feed a hungry cat, buy any kind of milk, two teaspoons of glucose can also be put in a glass of boiling water, and then feed it in case of extreme necessity, only it should not be repeated.
  • The use of rice water in feeding cats in the event that no alternative is found, and it is obtained by cooking white rice in water, then filtering it and taking the liquid.
  • Feed her more often, so that she grows better and faster, as kittens at the age of 6-10weeks need between 6-8 meals a day, while at the age of 7 months she needs four meals a day, and at the age of 9 months, she needs three meals a day.
  • The possibility of weaning the cat from milk early, when it is four weeks old, and is by gradually introducing solid food into its diet.