How to make my cat fat

How to make my cat fat

Steps to make a domestic cat fat :

Owners of some cats sometimes feel that they are a little thin, and they need to increase their weight to be healthy, and here are some important steps that can be followed to make a domestic cat fat:

Visit the veterinarian :

It is necessary to ascertain the reason for the cat’s low weight before thinking about increasing the amount of food provided to her, therefore it is preferable to take the domestic cat to the veterinarian, to make sure that she is free of diseases that may affect her health, as some cats may suffer from roundworms, or tapeworms, which the veterinarian can diagnose and treat.

The veterinarian may also diagnose the cat as suffering from feline anorexia, in which case the veterinarian will give some instructions, such as feeding the cat canned food of a certain quality of high quality, with the need to schedule regular visits to the veterinarian.

Find out the ideal weight of a cat :

Domestic cats weigh about 4.5 kg in general, but this varies depending on the type and breed of the cat, and it is preferable to look for the type of cat first to find out the ideal weight for it.

There are some signs by which you can be sure if the cat is thin, and needs to increase its weight, and these signs are as follows:

  • Gently pass the hands over the vertebrae of the cat’s back, her muscles, where they should be felt since they should not protrude through her hair.
  • Looking at the cat from the side and from above, to observe its body and surroundings.
  • Weigh the cat once a week, record the results, and keep it.
  • Search through the internet for healthy weight schemes for cats.
  • Visit the veterinarian to weigh the cat, estimating the appropriate weight for her.
  • Feeling and counting the cat’s ribs, if her ribs are visible and visible, she suffers from a lack of weight.

Determine the weight to be reached :

The ideal weight for a cat should be determined by consulting a veterinarian, then preparing a diet that helps the cat gain the weight that suits her, weighing the cat regularly to ensure that she gains weight according to the plan, and paying attention not to gain weight more than the ideal weight.

You must know the food that the cat prefers and offer it to her, to help her eat; some cats prefer dry food, others prefer canned, and at the same time you must choose food that does not cause her any stomach disorders, and you must also make sure that the food suits the cat’s nutritional needs so that it is Foods from animal products.

It should be noted that the cat should not be overweight excessively so as not to be exposed to some serious diseases that may affect its health later and put it at risk, such as diabetes.

Changing the cat’s diet :

A change must be made to the cat’s diet and lifestyle to help her gain weight, and here are some steps that can be followed to encourage the cat to eat:

Offer different types of food to the cat :

It is preferable to offer different types of food to the cat to find out which of the foods you prefer, and it is worth noting that most cats change their tastes when they get older, for example, they may hate some foods that they liked, or they like some foods that they hated.

Increase the quality of food provided to the cat :

It is preferable to change the quality of the food provided, and look for high-quality food for the cat, this facilitates digestion and therefore improves the absorption of nutrients useful for its body.

Change dry food to wet food :

It is preferable to offer wet food to the cat, as it is more attractive for cats than dry food, and it is also preferable to provide a cover for the cat’s dishes and cover them immediately after the cat finishes eating so that her food remains tasty and with a palatable flavor.

Keeping cat food fresh :

The cat’s food should be fresh regardless of the type of food provided, it is not allowed to buy dry food in large quantities, and leave it open in a warm place, this affects its quality, and if wet food is served to the cat, it should be kept moist and not left in the serving dish, so it is preferable to divide the meals into small meals, to keep them as fresh as possible.

Heat the food before serving it to the cat :

It is preferable to warm up the food before offering it to the cat, by adding a little warm water, or a little warm chicken broth prepared without onions.

Provide 3-4 small meals a day to the cat :

It is preferable to offer food to the cat in the form of small meals served 3-4 times a day, rather than just two large meals.

Switching to balanced food :

A visit to the veterinarian can bring the cat a list of foods that suit her, which contain a balanced percentage of fat and protein, and this facilitates her weight gain by eating balanced food.

Offer treats to the cat between meals :

It is preferable to offer tasty treats to the cat between meals, to raise the number of calories she eats per day.

Increase healthy and enjoyable activities :

It is preferable to provide an active and healthy lifestyle for the cat, the movement of the cat makes it burn calories, and therefore stimulates it to eat in larger quantities to get more energy, unlike lazy cats that do not play, they suffer from weight loss, boredom, and depression.

There are many healthy and fun activities that can be practiced with a cat, the most prominent of which are:

  • He took her on a walking tour of the neighborhood.
  • Playing a game of hide and seek with her, for example, the owner of the cat hides behind the bed, and she is looking for him.
  • He played a game of hunting for food with her, by hiding small amounts of food around the house, and leaving her to look for him.
  • Playing the feather stick game, which is an interactive game in which it is possible to put some feathers on a short piece of stick and move it, will stimulate the cat to jump into the air to catch it.
  • Provide some cardboard boxes, or paper bags, and put them in front of her so that she can play with them and explore, and this will occupy her for many hours.