Siamese cats

Information about Siamese cats

Information about Siamese cats :

There is much information about Siamese cats, including the following:

  1. April 6 is the national day of Siamese cats.
  2. Siamese cats have their origin in Thailand. Siamese cats appeared in manuscripts dating back to the period between the Fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, they were pets of the royal family.
  3. The first Siamese cat arrived in the United States in 1878, when an American diplomat at the consulate in Bangkok gave a gift of a Siamese cat to American President Rutherford Hayes and his wife.
  4. Siamese cats are born completely white, but after reaching 4 weeks, some spots begin to appear in some places on their body, such as their paws, tail, ears, and face.
  5. Siamese cats make a very loud sound when they need to express one of their requirements, and their voice resembles the sound of crying babies.
  6. Siamese cats are known as affectionate and sociable cats, they usually follow their owner wherever he goes inside the House.
  7. Siamese cats may become depressed if they are left alone for a long time.

Funny information about Siamese cats :

There is some interesting information about Siamese cats, which is as follows:

Siamese cats used to have curved tails, and their eyes appear around them, so their eyes look crossed, and their body and face are rounder, but these qualities began to disappear, as cat breeders do not prefer these characteristics.

  • The weight of a male Siamese cat is usually 5.5-7.5 kg, while a female usually weighs 4-6 kg, but there is a Siamese cat whose weight has reached 25 kg!
  • Siamese cats in Thailand are called (witchen mate)

Information on the qualities of Siamese cats :

Siamese cats have many qualities, the most important of which are:

  1. Siamese cats have amazingly beautiful blue eyes.
  2. She has long legs and smooth and shiny hair.
  3. She is characterized by her loving, sincere, affectionate, cheerful, and active character.
  4. She is a very smart cat, as she can learn things quickly, and has a high energy level, which makes her quick to interact and play with people around her.
  5. Siamese cats are gentle with children, but they must be taught how to play with cats without harming them, and they can also accept the family dog and interact with it in a good way, and they also accept the presence of other cats around in the same house.
  6. Siamese cats should be given the care and attention they need when they are in childhood so that they can grow and become a family and social cats.
  7. Siamese cats should not be allowed to go outside the house and wander without the supervision of a family member.
  8. These cats are between 15-20 years old, if they are taken care of, and provided with food that meets their needs.
  9. Siamese cats do not need to take care of their hair, it is short, and they constantly clean it, but their owner can style their hair only once a week.
  10. Siamese cats need attention from their owner, are looking for living in a stable environment, and do not like to change their routine.