One of the most powerful animals memory


Dolphins have the longest social memory recorded for a non-human species; where a dolphin can recognize the whistling sound of its companion after a break of more than 20 years; studies have proven that each dolphin has its own whistling sound, and the ability of dolphins to recognize each other by distinguishing the whistling sound may be more effective than facial recognition in humans, because human faces can change over time, but the whistling sound that a dolphin has does not change over several decades.


Elephants are considered one of the smartest animals in the world, and elephants have the largest brains compared to all mammals; the brain weight of adult elephants is about 5 kg, but the size of the brain is not a measure to judge the intelligence of an animal, [٢]elephants have a tremendous ability to remember; they may form feelings of hatred against those who caused them harm, and they may be able to remember the actions of humans who have assaulted them even after several years.

The power of memory in elephants :

Elephants have a huge collection of memories, as researchers believe that good memories of elephants form a large part of their ability to survive, that’s why elephants live for a long period of time ranging from 50 to 60 years or more, and researchers studied the behavior of African elephants in the wild, and found that adult female elephants were the ones who mostly led the herds, as these individuals have the ability to build a strong memory that helps them remember friends and enemies over time.

The similarity between the human brain and elephants :

Elephants exhibit many behaviors through which they reveal great intelligence, and these behaviors include sadness, altruism, play, simulation, the use of various tools, and self-awareness, so it was found that the elephant brain is similar to the human brain in structure and complexity.

An example of behaviors similar to human ones is that most elephants live in family groups that can only be separated by death or captivity, elephants also show signs of sadness when they see the remains of the corpses of other elephants that have died, and self-awareness in elephants is manifested in their ability to recognize their reflection in the mirror, something that only a few of the most intelligent animal species can assimilate.