Rottweiler dog

Rottweiler dog with details

There is a feast of types and factions of dogs, there are different and diverse forms, and today we will talk about a dog of the family of ferocious dogs called Rottweiler, let’s read the article, and we hope that you will like it:

General information :

Rottweiler or Rottweiler (German: ) Rottweiler is the name of a type of dog and is a subspecies of ferocious dogs. Originally from Germany and found in abundance in North America, it is an uncommon species in the world and is considered one of the types of dogs that are sometimes used for hunting.

Features of Rottweiler :

  • Country: Germany
  • Height: from 56 to 65 cm
  • Weight: from 38 to 50 kg, usually the color is black + light brown “copper” in some specific areas of the dog’s body in a way that distinguishes it.
  • Qualities: strong, fierce and fierce, intelligent, a very strong defender of the landlady and his own territory, stubborn, an ideal guard.
  • He is considered to be a broad-jawed person with enormous teeth and jaw strength.
  • It is considered one of the medium-large dogs.
  • Recognized two types German and American, the American type is distinguished from the German by being more fast and active because it was crossed with some other types of dogs to improve those qualities
  • The Rottweiler is a calm, self-confident, and very brave dog, one of the best dogs in the field of guarding and as a companion dog to its owner.

The history of the ancestors of the rottweiler :

Rottweiler dogs are descended from the breed of drove dogs from the ancient Roman Empire, and these mastiff dogs accompanied the detachments of the Roman army along the Alps to graze their cattle and guard their camps. One of these camps is a camp located on the banks of the Neckar River in what is known today as northern Germany, and with the presence of this camp and the strategic place, a city was founded called Rottweil, which was named after the red roofs that villas were known for in the Roman era. In the mid-1800s, the cattle trade revived a lot in this city, and this was accompanied by an increased dependence on these dogs, which became known as butchers ‘ dogs because they were herding cattle during the journey, and on the way back they tied bundles of money around their necks as a kind of reserve and protection, but with the entry of trains and their adoption as the main means of transporting cattle, the dependence on these dogs decreased and legend says that in 1905 there was only one dog of this breed left in the city of Rottweil, but at the same time these dogs were used in the police corps and many clubs were created for this distinctive breed. And in 1931 the first recorded male was registered in the American Canine Association of this species.

Other information :

The head is of medium length, wide between the ears, the forehead of head is relatively arched and stops at the strong jaws, preferably the forehead is soft but you may see some wrinkles when the dog is in a state of attention or tension, and the head should suggest nobility and reflect the strength of the character of this breed, the eye is medium in size for him, the dentition numbered 42 teeth, 20 in the upper jaw and 22 in the lower jaw with strong plates. The neck is very strong with a very strong muscular formation as well, medium length, slightly arched, and devoid of any excess skin, and the back should be in a straight line when walking the dog and when standing moderately. The Rottweiler dog is classified as a companion or guard dog. He ranks second in the United States in terms of popularity, for four consecutive years, the Rottweiler is a dog with a very strong character and a hostile nature and needs to be defined socially from a young age. He needs to mix with people, children, and other animals in order to reduce his aggression a little and so that we can control it in the future. Obedience lessons are also very important from a very young age and are extremely necessary in order not to end up with a stubborn beast out of control. Since the Rottweiler has an athletic body and is considered a working dog, it should exercise at least 3 times a week, otherwise, this excess energy will turn into destructive and dangerous energy. It is preferable that you have extensive previous experience in dog breeding before acquiring it and it is preferable to name it and call it Paschal the rabbit because it looks like a rabbit and his whistling.

Health status :

Rottweilers are dogs of good health and are born free from diseases and some diseases may affect them, such as hip and hand deformities, and cancer has become one of the main causes of death, and for unknown reasons, Rottweiler dogs are more susceptible than other types of dogs to infection with the deadly parvovirus, an infection can be prevented by giving puppies vaccinations, and Rottweilers are prone to obesity, their diet must be adhered to.