The best kind of dogs

The best types of dogs for breeding at home :

Dogs are domestic animals, some are suitable for the nature of life in cities, and others are suitable for the nature of life in villages and suburbs, and the following is a list of the best types of domestic dogs:

Labrador retriever :

The Labrador retriever is considered the most popular dog in the United States, as this type of dog is characterized as friendly, patient, trainable, can perform several tasks including hunting, showing off, diving, and obedience, and they are very active, lively and eager to please their owners.

Labrador Retriever dogs deal with children with peaceful and good behavior, but they need supervision from their owner when dealing with other dogs, which are unobtrusive dogs with medium barking, and require only weekly brushing.

The average weight of a male retriever ranges from 29-36 kg, while females weigh an average of 25-32 kg less, with an average life span of 10-12 years.

Bulldogs :

Bulldogs with curly faces are one of the best types that can be acquired as domestic dogs, as they can adapt to their surroundings, whether it is a city or a suburb, and they are a great companion for children, they can be in a family environment, and they are friendly, calm, brave, and entertaining.

Bulldogs are lazy, but easily trainable, need occasional walks, and require weekly cleaning, the average male is about 23 kg, while females weigh up to 18 kg, and their average age is 8-10 years.

Golden retriever :

The golden retriever is characterized as a medium-sized dog, adapted to the lifestyle in wild areas and Highlands, as well as its ability to hunt birds, and has many qualities that enable it to do many things, they are dogs of a diverse breeds, intelligent, and with a friendly character.

The golden retriever is characterized by its activity and vitality, as it needs to go out for a walk and exercise daily, and it is considered one of the calm dogs that bark only when necessary, as well as its good interaction with children, and the average male ranges between 29-34 kg, while females are between 25-29 kg, and its average age is between 10-13 years.

The beagle :

The average age of beagles varies between 12-15 years, and they are characterized by their relatively small size and short length, and they are intelligent dogs that are easy to care for, which makes them family dogs par excellence.

Beagle dogs have a high level of activity, so they need a lot of training, walks, and play, they respond to training easily, they only require parental care and cleaning once, and it is worth noting that they are many barking dogs, but they deal kindly with children and other dogs.

The bug :

The average age of pug dogs ranges between 12-15 years, and they are dogs characterized by their very small size, so they are suitable for homes with a small area, or country houses, and the character of pug dogs is generally friendly and loving, especially with children, which makes them family dogs par excellence.

Pugs are known as lazy and unsportsmanlike dogs, but they have strong legs, require weekly brushing, and although they are good with children and other dogs, it is preferable to keep them under adult supervision.

The smartest types of dogs :

The intelligence of dogs depends mainly on their upbringing and the way they are trained, and although some qualities are inherent in them, most dogs share their ability to learn some basics, such as sitting and staying in place, and the following is a list of the smartest types of dogs:

Border collie :

The border collie is reputed to be one of the best classes of dogs guarding cattle herds, so shepherds acquire it for this purpose, it is a hardworking dog with tremendous work capacity and a high IQ.

The average age of the border collie is between 10-14 years, it is a very active dog, it needs an average of 40 minutes of exercise a day, but it does not need much attention or care, and it should be noted here that this type of dog tends to bark a lot and loudly.

The poodle :

The poodle is distinguished by its unique intelligence and activity, perhaps the highlight of this category of Dogs is its ability to swim, pick up objects from the water and retrieve them, some are trained and used to search and find truffles.

The average age of Poodles is between 10-14 years, they are very active dogs that need to walk and play daily, but they are unobtrusive and tend to bark moderately, it should be noted that these dogs need attention and care, and tend to jump, so their owners should surround their homes with high fences in case of an acquisition.

German shepherd :

The German shepherd dog is famous as the best guard dog among all guard dogs, it is used by the police to carry out detective work, and it is a friendly, loving, and caring dog for the family that embraces it.

The German Shepherd is distinguished by his intelligence, ease of training, the need for daily exercise, and it is necessary that he be busy with anything, otherwise he may become nervous and sometimes mischievous, his average age is 10-12 years, and he tends to bark only when necessary, he does not need much care and care.

Papillon :

Babylonian dogs are characterized as playful, intelligent, attentive dogs, as well as characterized by their non-aggressive social behavior, and were known as dwarf Sabines during the XVI-XVII centuries.

The average age of this category of dogs ranges from 12-15 years, and is characterized by its high activity, it is lively and always running around the House, tends to bark a lot, and needs a lot of attention and care, because in case of neglect it becomes tense and nervous, but caring for it is easy, so you should exercise and walk with it at least 20 minutes a day.

The Doberman :

Famous for its high speed and endurance, the Doberman dog is used for guard purposes, and is famous for being a police and war dog par excellence, with an average lifespan of 10-12 years.

The Doberman is an intelligent and energetic dog, and his owner should exercise him a lot at least 40 minutes a day because if he does not get enough exercise, he becomes nervous and aggressive, and he does not tend to bark a lot except when necessary, and the owner of the Doberman should raise him to obedience from an early age.

The fastest types of dogs :

Running is useful for dogs, they need it to keep fit and burn excess fat, and it also gets rid of stress and excess energy, and the following is a list of the fastest types of dogs:

Dalmatian :

Dalmatian dogs are famous for their wonderful and amazing appearance, besides, they are athletic dogs with super speed, and these dogs were trained in ancient times to run alongside horse-drawn carriages to protect the riders of those carriages, they have a high level of activity.

Dalmatian dogs need to go out for long walks and walks every day, and they also need a lot of exercise and care, and they must also be provided with large areas for them to run in, and the Dalmatian tends to bark a lot, so it must be trained well to adjust its behavior.

Jack Russell :

Jack Russell terriers are characterized by their small size and super speed, and despite their small size, they are characterized by courage and stubbornness, therefore they were used to hunt foxes and chase them in their dens, moreover, they were bred to track smells, and to run next to horses pulling carts.

Jack Russell terriers are usually characterized as intelligent and lively, but they are noisy and tend to bark a lot, in addition, they dig a lot, and also have a chasing instinct and predation.

The Great Dane :

The Great Dane dog has its origin in Germany, has a high physique, and a massive and agile build that allows it to cover long distances very quickly, therefore it was anciently used in Germany for hunting purposes, in particular pigs.

Despite the huge size of the Great Dane dog, he is friendly and gentle with the members of the family that embraces him, he is a loyal and loving companion, especially with children and other pets, and this dog has high energy, which must be exercised daily, and a wide playing area is allocated for him.

Greyhound :

Greyhound dogs are one of the fastest types of dogs in the world, and often those who want to acquire them take their speed into account, and these dogs are characterized by an agile physique and strong muscle mass.

What helps the Greyhound to run fast is that it has a lung with a large absorptive capacity, which provides it with oxygen during running, which enables it to run at high speed for long distances, and despite its super activity, it is often characterized by its calmness and politeness at home.

The most powerful types of dogs :

There are many breeds of dogs that are suitable to be pet dogs, but strong at the same time, and when wanting to acquire one of them, their lifestyle should be taken into account, and below is a list of some dogs that are distinguished by their strength:

The Rottweiler :

Rottweilers are characterized by being very strong dogs, with a muscular build and a relatively large size, and have many colors, the most common of which is black mixed with a rust color, or black, as is the case with the rest of the dog breeds.

The Rottweiler breed of dogs was used to carry out security and guarding tasks, tow carts in the old days, and graze large animals, in addition, they are characterized as loyal, loyal, loving and trustworthy dogs, and their average age ranges from 8-10 years only.

Siberian husky :

The Siberian Husky breed is characterized as a dog with a strong muscular build, high endurance, and dense fur of multiple colors, and what distinguishes it from others is the blue or golden color of its eyes, which gives it a distinctive appearance that makes it similar to Wolves.

Siberian Huskies have tremendous strength that helps them drag sleds and carts across the rough and snowy terrain, they are distinguished by their devotion to their owner, and their love to go out for walks and play, however, they can sometimes be mischievous, often they live up to 15 years.

Saint Bernard :

Saint Bernard dogs are known as large dogs, their muscular build is strong, and they have soft fur that may be long or short, and the fur sometimes contains dark spots and comes in different colors such as white mixed with red or brown, and often black at the eyes.

The Saint Bernard breed is one of the largest breeds of dogs in the world, and people often buy them to be service dogs, as they are characterized by being loyal and loving, keen to protect their owners, and are also characterized by their attractive, curious and playful nature and often have an average life span of 8-10 years.

Alaskan Malamute :

The Alaskan Malamute is characterized as a giant dog with great strength and endurance, and it has thick fur that gives it a wolf-like appearance. Alaskan malamute dogs were commonly used to pull sleds and snowmobiles.

Alaskan Malamute is a skilled hunting dog, as it hunts many large and powerful prey such as seals and polar bears, but it is characterized by a gentle, loving, and loyal character, and Alaskan malamute dogs can live for 10-12 years.