breeding Huskies

The method of breeding Huskies

Caring for Huskies :

There are a number of tips that you should know to take care of husky dogs, in order to keep them healthy and live longer, including the following:

  • Close the places where the Huskies do not want to reach and remove any tools or food that they do not want to reach.
  • Pay attention to the hygiene of husky dogs by using a brush to brush their hair at least once a week, and brushing their teeth at least twice a week.
  • Clean the ears of a husky dog on a weekly basis, even if it is a small puppy.
  • The use of strong chains while walking with a husky dog; is because it has a high biting and predation ability.
  • Play with huskies and train them continuously to keep their mind active.
  • Do not expose Huskies to the sun too much; this allows them to lose their nose pigment and expose them to sunburn.

Types of husky dog food :

Husky dogs eat different types of food, including dry, wet, semi-wet, and frozen, but veterinarians recommend that the food be a mixture of 80% dry Groats mixed with a little water, and 20% of wet food, in addition to vegetables and fruits, as they can be fed slices of bananas, some pieces of peeled apples, or watermelon after removing the seeds from them, and pieces of frozen carrots or frozen yogurt can also be served.

It is noteworthy that there are some types of food that should never be offered to huskies; such as sugar, sweets, chocolate, salt, corn, onions, garlic, raisins, grapes, peaches, plums, avocados, macadamia nuts, fish, fats, raw foods, tea and coffee drinks.

Training of husky dogs :

It is advisable to follow certain steps to train a husky dog, which are as follows:

  • Follow proper training with husky dogs, and it is recommended to start with these exercises when they are small puppies, in order to get better results.
  • Practicing outdoor exercises, and after the husky dog has eaten his food and got some rest and a nap, he should also interact with him and encourage him when doing what he is asked to do well.
  • Gradual walking with a husky dog, as it is recommended to walk with him for at least half an hour a day around the garden of the house just to help him discharge his excess energy, after that he can be taken away from home; that is, in parks or roads.
  • Give your husky enough time to run and play, within a designated place or surrounded by a fence.

Cleaning Huskies :

Husky dogs are characterized by the presence of natural oils inside the fur that covers their body; they are oils that will expel dirt from the body of husky dogs, so they do not need to bathe more than twice during the year, as their exposure to bathing repeatedly leads to dryness of those natural oils, which leads to skin problems, and some water can be used with a shampoo designed to clean the dog and then dry it, taking care to rinse the shampoo thoroughly; in order to maintain a good smell for him and soft untangled fur.