beautiful horse

The most beautiful horse

Horses :

Horses are one of the most closely related animals to humans since it was found on Earth, horses have a prominent role in the history of human civilization, and it is a symbol of chivalry, nobility, and generosity, and it is a human companion in solving and traveling, in war and peace, and despite the development of means of transportation that have reduced the use of horses in works of art, films, literature books.

The most beautiful horse :

Beauty is one of the things on which people differ, what some consider beautiful may be seen by others as ordinary, so it is difficult to answer the question of what is the most beautiful horse in the world, and although everyone praises the characteristics and beauty of the Arabian horses from which most horse breeds originated, the horse that was officially chosen as the most beautiful horse in the world was not an Arab Horse, and also opinions were not collected on one horse, some even considered that the Turkmen horse of the Akhal-Teke breed, called the Golden Horse, is the most beautiful horse in the world, while some consider that the Black Horse Frederick the great of the Frisian breed, he is the most beautiful and handsome horse in the world.

Golden Horse Akhal tiki :

Photos of the Akhal-tiki horse have spread in most social media, and it bears the title of the most beautiful horse in the world, and the Akhal-tiki horse is the official emblem of the state of Turkmenistan, because of its endearing qualities, it is characterized by speed, endurance, sincerity, intelligence, sensitivity, and it is also beautiful in shape, it has a graceful body, symmetrical organs that remind some of the agility of a cheetah, it has a thin trunk and a deep chest, a long neck and back, sloping shoulders, flat bails, and it has beautiful eyes that are sometimes completely almond-shaped and blue in color in some horses of this breed, and has long and thin ears, and flat muscles and the tail and Mane’s hair are smooth and straight, and his skin The height of the Akhal – Teke horse varies between 14.2-16.3 hands ( 1.44 – 1.66 meters), and its weight varies between 420-500 kilograms.

Horse Frederick the great :

The Black Horse Frederick the great, so named after the ruler of Prussia in the XVIII century, belongs to the ferizian breed, and currently lives inside the pinnacle ferizian stables in the United States. Many horse lovers are keen to vaccinate their mares from this stallion to maintain the purity of the qualities of the ferizian breed, which has a black coat, thick silky hair, a harmonious body, a large size, and it is also characterized by a wonderful mood, a constant desire to work, in addition to his distinctive way of walking. Frederick the Great has a Facebook page whose number of followers in 2016 was more than 12,500 (currently more than eighty thousand), and the number of subscribers to his YouTube channel in 2016 was more than ten thousand, in addition to the offers heaped on him to participate in international films.

Arabian horse :

Recent studies confirm that the Arabian horse is a native of the desert of the Arabian Peninsula, and all breeds of Arabian horses are distinguished by distinctive characteristics and qualities, their ancestors lived in harsh desert areas, so Nature worked to select the strongest, the finest, and the fittest, and the Arabs completed what nature started, so they preserved the purity of the breeds and made sure not to mix the breeds with each other, so they worked to select both stallions and mares that bear pure qualities to produce successive generations that all bear the same qualities, and the Arabs ‘ interest in horses amounted to so they gave her books that took care of her creation, her names, genealogies, recipes, diseases, tools, and types، These books include Ibn alkali’s “genealogies of horses”, Al-gandjani’s”names of Arabian horses, their genealogies, and the mention of their riders”, and Al-Asma’i’s book “horses” and others.

The beauty of the Arabian horse :

Arabian horses are one of the most beautiful horses in the world, they are characterized by their beautiful colors, their agility, and the harmony of their body, their small head is topped by a long neck filled with muscles, and the tip of their nose is concave, their forehead is wide to allow the bright black eyes to diverge, they have short ears with sharp ends and their movement is harmonious, their back is short and muscular, their high tail moves gracefully and beautifully, and they are also characterized by noble qualities, such as loyalty and loyalty to their owner, their vigilance in addition to their extreme speed, the beauty of Arabian horses and their good qualities are due to the Arabs ‘ keenness to maintain the purity of the breeds from Defects and impurities, and it is likely that all Arabian horses are due in their origins to five types of thoroughbred horses, namely:

  • Eyeliner: she was so named because of the blackness around her eye, which looks like eyeliner.
  • Abaya: its name came from its response to its rider’s cloak with its high tail.
  • Dahma: she was given this name because of her dark, blackish skin color.
  • Shueima: she was named by this name because of the many moles on her body.
  • Saqlawiya: her name came from her polished hair, and from the way she raised her hooves in the air when running.

Some horse breeds :

There are many horse breeds that are spread all over the world, including:

  1. Abaco barbarian horses (Abaco Barb).
  2. American Quarter Horses
  3. Arabian horses
  4. Akhal-teke horses
  5. Andalusian horses
  6. Appaloose horses
  7. Belgian horses
  8. Canadian horses
  9. Ferezian horses
  10. Icelandic horses
  11. Morgan’s horses
  12. Swedish warm-blooded horses
  13. Thoroughbred horses
  14. Bento horses
  15. Paso Fino horses