The most dangerous dogs in the world

The most dangerous dogs in the world

The 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the world :

The most dangerous dogs in the world belong to the breeds of guard and fighting dogs, which are characterized by aggressiveness and strength, and here are the 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the world:

American pitbull :

The American pitbull dog is one of the most dangerous dogs on Earth because he was raised to wrestle and fight other dogs, and thus his breed acquired aggressive traits, and he also has the strongest bite compared to other dogs, and his bite can cause terrible and sometimes fatal injuries, as he grabs his prey strongly and refuses to let go.

It is most commonly found in the USA, where it was brought to it during the IX century by immigrants from England, Ireland, and Scotland.

The Rottweiler :

The Rottweiler is descended from a series of very aggressive dogs that drove cattle with the Roman armies, as those armies left them in Rottweil in Germany, and it is reported that this species is characterized by its strong and stocky build, ranging in length between 56-68.5 cm and weighing from 41-50 kg.

This type of dog in Germany continued to accompany butchers on their trips to protect them, as it served as one of the types of guard dogs, rescue dogs, police dogs, and traction dogs as well, and it is reported that its breed is one of the most terrifying of all, as it has a frightening reputation, as it is famous for its intense aggressive attacks.

Dojo Argentino :

The Dogo Argentino is known as the Argentine mastiff, and it is one of the most dangerous dogs characterized by extreme aggressiveness so that it can overcome the American pit bull terrier, characterized by aggressiveness and raging strength, and was used to hunt large prey and protect families, therefore it must be bred early to control its raging qualities.

This type of dog originates from Argentina and may be transported to many countries, but due to its extreme danger, it has been banned in several countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Ukraine.

The Doberman :

The Doberman dog breed is one of the most aggressive breeds in the world, as it is known for its tremendous and frightening strength, and is characterized by its extreme loyalty to its breeders, as this loyalty is what causes severe danger to others, and threatens their lives if the dog considers them a threat to his relatives.

He can be kind to families if he was brought up and raised to be a guard dog, it is reported that the Doberman dog originated in Germany, and it is classified as one of the German breeds.

Akita :

The Akita dog is one of the most dangerous dogs due to its strong character and love of leadership, so it poses a danger and is very aggressive with other dogs and people outside his family, as this dog refuses to be second and may attack anyone or a dog unfamiliar to him, he also strongly protects his food, attacks everyone who approaches him while eating his food.

The Akita’s native habitat is located in Japan, it is descended from an ancient Japanese breed, and it is distinguished by its powerful build, double muscles, and majestic bones.

Jules Dong :

Jul Dong dogs are characterized by extreme cruelty and aggressiveness due to their upbringing on fighting and hunting, and they are dogs that cannot become a family pets, they are unpredictable dogs with their sudden angry behaviors and attitudes, they are known for their difficulty in training, and for their inversion and treachery to their owners, and they come from the Pakistani breed and are found in it, and it is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world.

Peru de Brisa Canario :

The Peruvian de Presa Canario dog is characterized by its intelligence, its wonderful appearance, its very calm nature, and its high self-confidence. it is a non-aggressive dog by nature, and it can be an excellent guard dog for families, but it becomes one of the most dangerous dogs when it encounters people or animals unfamiliar to it and may suddenly attack them without warning causing them great harm. therefore, it needs early training and numerous exercises to prevent it from carrying out dangerous behaviors.

The origin of Peruvian de Brisa Canario dog belongs to the Canary Islands, and it is characterized by its huge head and heavy weight and comes in several colors, including; dark gray, black, or a combination of these two colors, and it is usually one of the dogs banned in many countries for its severity.

Tosa Inoue :

The native home of the Tosa Inu dog is located in Japan, and his breed is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world due to his bad reputation because of his danger, he was a fighting dog, and he is characterized by having strongest jaws among other dogs, and he is known as one of the dogs that can turn on their owners, so he cannot be a good dog and a family pet at all.

Tosa Inu is distinguished by his strength and huge build, also known as Tosa Ken, or the Japanese Mastiff, and it is reported that he used Japan to fight other dogs, and because dog fighting is prohibited in other countries, he was used as a guard dog in them.

The chow-chow :

The origin of the Chow Chow dog dates back to ancient China, it was used for many different purposes, and it is one of the unique breeds where it is characterized by seriousness and strength, and its body height up to the shoulder reaches 0.5 M, and it comes with an appearance resembling a teddy bear, and despite its cute appearance, it is very dangerous and can force its owner to respect it, and it is also able to occupy its owner when he does not feel like doing what he was asked to do.

The chow-chow is characterized by a lazy and sometimes nervous nature, his nature is also never tolerant of strangers, and his upbringing requires a person with a strong, firm, calm character to be able to cope with him.

Elkin Corso :

The Elkin Corso dog belongs to the ancient Italian breed of dogs and is characterized as a strong and athletic dog, it also has a frightening appearance and has been established to fight and hunt large game such as mountain lions and pigs, in addition to hunting other predators, so it is a very dangerous dog, and yet it can be bred to become a pet and good for families, but it needs early socialization and upbringing.

The Elkin Corso is defined as a working dog that prefers to have a job permanently, as it can protect property, take care of shelters, and protect other rescue groups.