The smallest dogs in the world

What are the smallest dogs in the world?

Dogs are one of the most beautiful pets, and many people like to have them, and the following is a list of the smallest types of dogs in the world:

Chih-Tzu dog :

The Chih Tzu dog is one of the Asian dogs, characterized by its curved tail and long hair, and its weight ranges between 4-7 kg, and its length ranges between 23-27 CM, and this type of domestic dog is very friendly and intelligent.

This type of dog is characterized by its empathy with family members, it also treats children kindly, it can accept other types of dogs, and it is worth noting that the average age of a Chih Tzu dog ranges from 10-18 years.

Dachshund dog :

The Dachshund is a small dog originally from Germany, characterized by its courage and vitality, its length ranges between 25 -32 CM, and its weight ranges between 3.5-4.5 kg.

Dachshund dogs are characterized by their love for spending fun time with the family with whom they live, but they may pose a danger to children, but dogs can be trained from a young age until they stop these behaviors.

The Dachshund has a strong build that matches its strong and determined character, and is a very athletic and active dog, as it can accompany adults, and act as a guard.

Chihuahua dog :

The Chihuahua dog is characterized by the presence of one breed, but it is characterized by many different qualities, as some Chihuahua dogs have long hair, while other types have short hair, some of them have a deer-like face, and the other type has an apple-shaped face.

The length of the Chihuahua varies between 15-25 cm, while its weight is 1.8-2.7 kg .this dog loves its owner very much, but does not accept anyone else, which makes it difficult for him to live in a house with children or a family, but he can change and live within a family when patiently trained.

Pomeranian dog :

The Pomeranian dog is characterized by forming a strong bond with its owner, loving him, preferably being the center of his attention, and its weight reached 14 kg in the old days, but over time and mating, it moved from a medium-sized dog to a small-sized dog, ranging in length between 12.5-20 cm, while its weight ranges between 1.8-2.7 kg approximately.

The Pomeranian dog comes in several colors ranging from black, white, red, orange, brown, and gray, and is distinguished by its thick hair, which needs to be cut once every two months.

Buck dog :

The buck dog is known for its relatively small size compared to its weight, it is characterized as a cheerful and affectionate animal, who prefers to live in a small apartment with a family with children, the size of the buck dog was not that small, but after moving from China to the Netherlands, breeders tried to cross it with other breeds so that its size becomes smaller.

In the nineteenth century, Queen Victoria raised a number of Buck dogs, and established the Kennel Club in 1873, the First Dog Club in the world, the length of this dog varies between 25-34 CM, and its weight ranges between 6-8 kg.

Maltese terrier :

The Maltese dog is one of the oldest types of dogs, as it was mentioned in the ancient books of the Romans and the ancient Greeks, and this dog is characterized by its long hair, which can be cut in several ways to get a wonderful hairstyle that shows its beauty, and one of these hairstyles is the pop story.

The length of the Maltese terrier varies between 20-25 cm, while its weight varies between 2-3 kg.

It is distinguished by its Snow-White and beautiful fur, it is a lively and energetic dog, enjoys agility and obedience to its owner, loves to live in a family, and accepts children and other dogs well.

The Papillon dog :

The Papillon dog is characterized as an intelligent, energetic, and agile dog, it also obeys its owner, is a self-confident and sociable dog, it is friendly, and can accept children, other pets, and even strangers.

The length of the Papillon dog ranges between 20-30 cm, while its weight ranges between 3-4.5 kg, and this dog is characterized by its wonderful and beautiful appearance, which made it a favorite of the royal families for several centuries, as it has soft silky hair, and distinctive large ears, which was the reason for naming it Papillon, as it is a French word and means butterfly.

Havanese dog :

The Javanese Terrier is a very compact dog, its body is graceful, and it has the ability to train in order to compete in competitions, it arrived in the United States during the Cuban revolution, its length varies between 22-31 CM, and its weight varies between 3-5.8 kg.

The Havanese dog is characterized by the fact that he loves to cuddle, he cannot live alone, as he will feel bored and unhappy, he is also known to respond to training when he receives tasty treats, he is an obedient dog by nature, he is also calm and kind, therefore he can live in a family with children, as well as his behavior is fairly good with strangers.

Yorkshire terrier :

Terrier the Yorkshire Terrier is the smallest breed of the terrier type, and despite its small size, it has many wonderful qualities, such as courage, and pugnacity, its length varies between 18-21 CM, while its weight ranges between 2.2-3.1 kg.

The Yorkshire Terrier is characterized as a great partner when traveling, it also defends the family with which it lives, but at the same time it is aggressive towards strangers and other dogs, and it also tends to bark a lot, which can make it annoying.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel :

The origin of King Charles Knight dog originates in the UK, but it differs from the original type, as breeders tried to change its shape by mating it with breeds with flat noses in the XVII century.

The length of the King Charles Knight dog varies between 30-33 CM, and its weight varies between 6-8 kg. this type is characterized as intelligent, cheerful, affectionate, calm temperament, patient, loves and devotes his owner, cares about him, and when the dog receives the same love and affection, he will feel joy and satisfaction.

The King Charles Knight dog is also distinguished by its handling of children and other pets in a good and kind way, and it can also deal with the elderly.

Toy Poodle Dog :

The toy poodle promises to be the smallest dog of the poodle breed, and it first appeared in France at the beginning of the twentieth century and was used in the circus, because of its small size and ease of transportation, and its length ranges from 22-25 CM, while its weight ranges from 1.8-2.7 kg, and its average age ranges from 10-18 years, and it exists in several colors, namely: gray, brown, silver, brown, cream, apricot, and its body appears in only one of these colors.

Bikini dog :

A bikini dog is one of the stubborn dogs that are difficult to train, but if you continue to train the dog early and constantly, it will eventually cooperate, but it will not accept the harsh training methods, and it should be noted that it is a loving, intelligent and friendly dog at the same time with the family, but it barks at the sight of strangers.

The length of a bikini dog varies between 15-23 CM, while its weight varies between 3-6 kg.

Brussels Griffon dog :

The Brussels Griffon dog is one of the beautiful dogs that have a distinctive beard, and it has many qualities that distinguish it, it is more cunning than other dogs, does not trust people easily, it also does not tend to interact with strangers, remains shy in their presence, and treats other dogs and animals in a gentle way.

The length of the Brussels Griffon dog ranges from 18-25 CM, while its weight ranges from 3.5-4.5 kg. this dog is characterized by some physical qualities, such as it has long legs, and a short face, and was used in the past for rodent hunting, and first appeared in the city of Brussels in Belgium.

This dog does not prefer to live in places where children are present, and also binds only to its owner, and does not prefer to interact with many people.

The Chinese dog :

The Crested Chinese Crested dog was named with this name because most of its individuals appear without fur and devoid of any hair, but it has a crown of fur on its head, in addition to the fur on its paws, and this dog is one of the dogs that like to rest and spend time with its owner without the presence of strangers.

The length of the Chinese Crested dog varies between 28-33 CM, while its weight varies between 3.6-5.4 kg. this breed appeared in 1991, the exact history of the breed is not known.

Affenpinscher :

The Affenpinscher dog appeared in Germany, then domesticated to be a domestic pet, it has many qualities, it is an independent animal, stubborn, disobedient, does not respond to commands like other dogs, and the dog needs obedience training so that the owner can control it.

The length of the affenpinscher dog varies between 22.5-30 cm, while its weight varies between 3-4.5 kg. it also resembles a Brussels Griffon dog and was previously used to get rid of rodents. this dog is known for its inquisitiveness, playfulness, and strong character.

Japanese Chin :

The Japanese Shin dog is a small dog, and his actions are similar to those of cats, he likes to jump on furniture to supervise the place where he is better, and this dog is a loving, friendly and playful dog, and can coexist with the family, but at the same time he is wary of strangers and can be trained until his performance improves.

The Japanese Shin dog is characterized by the appearance of strabismus in its eyes, soft hair, and tail curved either to the left, or to the right, and the dog’s length ranges from 20-28 CM, while its weight ranges from 3-5 kg. it is believed that it originated in China, then moved to Europe from Japan, and nothing was known about its breed before 1854.

American toy fox terrier :

The American fox terrier is one of the rare breeds in the USA, it is also a calm and non-aggressive loyal dog, it barks only when it feels danger, its length varies between 21.5-29 cm, and its weight varies between 1.5-3 kg.

This dog is characterized as an energetic, agile, intelligent, and very brave dog, it can take long walks, and it can also be trained.