Types of harmful insects

Types of harmful insects :

There are many types of harmful insects, the most important of which are the following:

With limited damage :

Insects with limited damage, this type of insects enable individuals who own the place where they are located to eliminate them with ease.

With serious damage :

Insects with dangerous damage, these insects force the owner of their place of residence to turn to insecticide specialists to get rid of them, and it should be noted that it is necessary to make sure that the specialist holds a license from the Ministry of Environmental Quality.

Regional insects :

The extermination is under the supervision of an insecticide specialist, and it is also possible to combat these insects through the Department of pest control, and this department is part of the Ministry of Environmental Quality.

Examples of harmful insects :

Examples of harmful insects include:

Cockroaches :

It is one of the types of insects that move by jumping, skipping, and flying, and is spread all over the world, and has a large number of species, and the age of its existence on the Earth’s surface is greater than the age of human existence, and it is characterized by having long antennae and long wings.

His voice is called a cockroach and this cockroach is caused by the cockroach scratching one of its limbs with its ribbed wing, cockroaches prefer to live in damp and wooden places, as these places provide them with warmth and protection, he lives a lot in houses, especially in the kitchen, and the cockroach multiplies eggs, feeds on human food causing him many diseases, such as typhoid disease, cholera, transmits many parasitic worms to humans, and it also causes food spoilage.

Flies :

Flies include many species, and it is also one of the most harmful insects around the world, and the fly has a pair of wings and pin hairs as well, and these hairs are found on the back of the fly’s body.

Flies abound in areas that contain dirt as it feeds on them, and therefore it is loaded with a large number of pathogens for humans, including typhoid disease, children’s diarrhea, diphtheria, cholera, dysentery of the basal and amoebic types, as well as food poisoning.

Fleas :

It is one of the harmful and small-sized insects that live in the hair and on the human body and feed on its blood, causing irritation and severe itching in the place of the prick. fleas have compact bodies covered with a scaly layer and have six legs with claws at the end of which they can cling to the host.

Fleas move from one place to another by jumping, they do not have wings to fly by, and fleas reproduce by eggs, where they lay their eggs in dirty places, and after hatching a white worm comes out that feeds on dirt and blood, and fleas remain in this phase for twenty-five weeks, then pupate for a certain time and then come out fully grown and able to face difficult life circumstances.

Fleas are one of the means that transmit the tapeworm to the human body, the plague, and the place of its bite causes the body severe itching.

Bed bugs :

They are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of mammals, including humans, birds, and bats as well, and are characterized by their strong bite, and although they do not transmit diseases, they cause itching and irritation in the skin, they also bite the host, suck his blood, and then move to a new place, causing several infected areas on the host’s skin.

Bed bugs are fast-breeding insects, as they can give birth to large numbers of young within one year, and this insect is characterized by its flat body and red color, which becomes redder after sucking blood, and its length is 4-6 mm, so it is difficult to detect it on dark-colored bedding.

Aphids insects :

It is one of the harmful insects to plants and comes in different colors depending on its type, and it is characterized by its small size and speed to escape, so it is difficult to remove it, and these insects feed on the leaves and stems of plants where they absorb plant juices, which causes them to dry out, Wilt and even die.

They also secrete a viscous liquid after digesting plant juices that attract other insects found in neighboring gardens, and although beneficial insects feed on them, some types of aphids are poisonous and can protect themselves from predators.

Black carpenter ants :

It is one of the harmful insects that are characterized by its giant size and Bright Black color compared to other types of ants, as this type of ant builds its colonies inside wood such as dead trees, barn wood, and telephone poles, and they can also build their colonies inside the walls of houses or under home insulation

One colony may consist of 10,000 individuals, then this colony grows and begins to swell, producing small colonies, which leads to more damage, and these ants feed on plant juices, insects, fungi, and the remains of crumbled food that can be found on kitchen surfaces.